Straitjackets are made out of pretreated cotton canvas/upholstery fabric and fully lined with co-ordinating cotton. The black cotton strapping and plastic clips are customizable, as is the style and the sizing. Coloured canvas is an option, depending on availability. The jacket is machine washable with the straps done up and it will not shrink. Price: $325-400.

The Female Straitjacket Modeled - Front

The female jacket has all of the clips on front of the jacket, which makes it comfortable for the wearer.

The Female Straitjacket Modeled - Back

The jacket curves in the right places for long-term comfort.

The Female Straitjacket Modeled - Three Quarter

Here, the side strap can be seen. It's primary function is a handle to move the jacketed person around without risking injury to the shoulder.

The Female Straitjacket Modeled - Crotch Strapping

Two crotch straps are more comfortable than one and are standard for all strait jackets. Quick-release clips are used for adjustability and ease of use.

Straitjacket - Men's Camo Front

The Men's Camo is generously sized and light weight. Sizing: Chest/Waist 48-56, Hips 48-56.

Straitjacket - Men's Camo Back

This jacket does up at the back and has an extra strap at the collar to hinder escape.

Straitjacket - Men's Red Canvas Front

Made of red cotton canvas, the jacket is lined in black cotton. Sizing: Chest/Waist 38-46, Hips 40-46.

Straitjacket - Men's Red Canvas Back

This jacket is collarless, but still strong enough to discourage escape.

Straitjacket - Women's Blue Floral Front

Blue Floral upholstery cotton is lined is sassy hot pink. Sizing: Chest 40-44, Waist 34-38, Hips 42-46.

Straitjacket - Women's Blue Floral Back

This jacket is made from the same pattern as the one that is modeled.

Straitjacket - Women's Red Canvas Front

This jacket has the same colour combination as the men's red canvas. Sizing: Chest 48-52, Waist 42-46, Hips 50-54.

Straitjacket - Women's Red Canvas Back

The back of the jacket is highlighted by adjustable corset lacing for a more curvaceous fit.

Straitjacket - Woman's Red Canvas Back Detail

Detail of the corset lacing.

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