Tiered Skirts
The tiered skirt can be made in any colour, with nearly any fabric and with as many tiers as you like. Price: $200-400.

Burtonesque Tiered Skirt

This black and red skirt is 100% preshrunk cotton and machine wash- and dryable. It is 31" long and will fit up to a 60" hip.

Burtonesque Tiered Skirt - Fullness

The bottom hem of this skirt is over 15m and has a drawstring waist.

That 70's Tiered Skirt - SOLD

This skirt is a combination of 100% preshrunk cotton and raw silk. It is machine washable (hang to dry). It is 39" long and will fit up to a 60" hip.

That 70's Tiered Skirt - Fullness - SOLD

This skirt has a 10m hem and a drawstring waist.

The Drawstring

Depending on preference, the waistband can be elasticized or have a preshrunk cotton twill drawstring.

Currently, both skirts are in stock and on sale.
The Burtonesque tiered skirt: Was $250. Now $150. SOLD
That 70's tiered skirt: Was $225. Now $125. SOLD

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