Scotty - Star Trek "Mirror, Mirror"
For a costumed party, the client had chosen to go as Montgomery Scott, Chief Engineer of the ISS Enterprise. Fortuitously, I discovered the correct tunic pattern in a Star Trek reference book and, with a little help from the internet, designed a suitably comfortable costume that was well-received.

Mirror, Mirror - Tunic Front

The tunic is made from velour, the same fabric used in the original Star Trek costumes.

Mirror, Mirror - Tunic Sleeve Detail

Scotty's rank is detailed here in gold trim.

Mirror, Mirror - Marking Pattern Pieces

I lucked out and found some gorgeous pleather for the costume.

Mirror, Mirror - Boot Cover Side

The boot covers are knee-length.

Mirror, Mirror - Boot Cover Front

The detail at the top gives the cover some visual interest.

Mirror, Mirror - Phaser Holster

The "Mirror, Mirror" gold sash and dagger sheath were also made, but not pictured here.

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