Dessert Salon Shirt
The gentleman pictured wanted something different and dressy for the Dessert Salon, an event at WisCon. He didn't want to wear a suit, again. We bounced ideas back and forth and came up with a custom design loosely based on a chef's coat.

Dessert Salon Shirt - Modeled

The shirt was made from wine-coloured cotton with frog closures.

Dessert Salon Shirt - Front

The sleeves sit just below the wrist and the cuffs are rounded.

Dessert Salon Shirt - Back

The shirt ends at the hip and is meant to be worn untucked.

Dessert Salon Shirt - Back Detail

The back box pleat allows for more fabric to accommodate the hips without distoring the collar.

Dessert Salon Shirt - Front Detail

The frogs keep it closed, but additional hidden fasteners keep the shape of the shirt.

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