The Panty Project
I made the laughable, misguided bluder a few years ago of purchasing and trying boyshort-style panties. Big mistake. The seam that ran down the middle from front to back rode up in the most uncomfortable ways. I would rant about them to anyone who would listen and the reaction was the same: why was that seam there and why the hell would anyone find that comfortable? And so the Panty Project was born. I had three volunteers willing to have a pair of custom cotton knit underpants made for them in the boyshort style, without the middle seam. The verdict? Rave reviews.

The Panty Project - The First Pair

The Panty Project - The First Pair

Made to measure for one of my co-workers at the time.

The Panty Project - Gusset

In ranting about panties, other women mentioned that the gusset was never long enough in the front, so every test pair made has a longer gusset.

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