Woman's Long Coat
In making Long Coats, I discovered that they fit me. At that point, I started imagining what a coat of my own would look like and what I would have to do in order to make it fit properly. So, I modified the men's pattern and changed the front to accommodate a bust.

As much as I loved the original coat and the steampunk design elements, I discovered their downsides after a few years. Tired of fighting with the chains and the rivets, I modified the coat to better suit me.

Woman's Long Coat - Front

The coat is quietly elegant from the front.

Woman's Long Coat - Back

The coat has both rivets and chain that drapes from the waist to the hip at the back. The pockets are made from the lining fabric.

Woman's Long Coat - Lining

The coat is fully lined in a classic burberry patterned flannel.

Woman's Long Coat - Button Detail

The buttons were the inspiration for the coat's colour and overall feel of Late Victorian or Edwardian military before the Great War.

Woman's Long Coat - Happiness is a Long Coat

The pattern wasn't prefect, but I'm happy with the result and already have plans to modify the pattern again and make another for myself.

Woman's Long Coat - Altered Front

The coat never fit quite right across the shoulders. After darting the shoulders in, the fit is much better.

Woman's Long Coat - Leather Cuff Detail

Gone is the stiff fabric cuff and replaced with asymmetrical leather and a buckle.

Woman's Long Coat - Altered Back

Leather makes a fine substitue for rivets...

Woman's Long Coat - Leather Band Detail

...and the brass buckle replaces the chains.

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