Woman's Carpet Coat
I had a long coat of my own, but I wanted something different. I hunted for some truly awful fabric and, taking inspiration from the Victorian carpet bag, made myself a jacket for cool spring days and nippy autumn evenings.

Woman's Carpet Coat - Front

The coat is quietly elegant from the front, complete with hidden pockets and thrift store brooch.

Woman's Carpet Coat - Front Hem and Sleeve Detail

The coat's hem sits just a smidge below my hips and the sleeves are belled out from the elbow to the wrist.

Woman's Carpet Coat - Back

I had intended to put some detail across the back that just did not work after execution. The pattern of the fabric gives ample detail as is.

Woman's Carpet Coat - Back Detail

Pleats were pressed in for hidden fullness.

Woman's Carpet Coat - Collar and Button Detail

I purchased the buttons from an online retailer and the collar is from a vintage 70s pattern. The lining is plain black cotton.

Woman's Carpet Coat - Fabric Detail

The corduroy is subtle from a distance, but up close can be somewhat alarming. I love it.

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