Cuffs are made out of pretreated canvas or upholstery cotton. The black cotton strapping, plastic clips and metal hardware are customizable, as is the sizing. The cuffs are machine washable with the clips done up and are the straps. Neither is guaranteed not to shrink. Throwing the carabiners into the wash is not recommended. Cuffs are suitable for light to medium play. Please note that these cuffs are not designed for suspension play. Price: $75.


A pair cuffs and connecting strapping. They are quite comfortable.

Cuffs - Colours

The five cuffs above are the colour choices of what is currently in stock.

Cuffs - Strapping with Carabiners

The strapping is made of prewashed black cotton. Basic cuffs will come with two straps (each roughly one meter long) and three carabiners.

Cuffs - On Display

The cuffs can go anywhere.

In stock cuffs are two sizes: Small and Large. Small cuffs are 22cm long by 7cm wide and will fit a wrist or ankle that is between 18cm and 22cm around. Large cuffs are 27cm long by 7cm wide and will fit a wrist or ankle between 22cm and 27cm around. Each pair of cuffs comes with roughly 2m of cotton strapping. Now $37.50.
Bondage Cuffs

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