Long Coats
Based on a Roman Catholic Bishop's coat, this coat is fully lined and can be made in nearly any fabric with a multitude of options including fasteners and trim. Custom Price: $400-1500.

The Artificer - Front

The front of the coat has six dark brown leather-look buttons that end at the hip.

Artificer - Back

The back of the coat is dotted with copper rivets and chain. Copper rivets are also used to reinforce the pockets and to tack down the cuffs.

Artificer - Waiting to Strike

The coat is lined in ox-blood red, making for a very striking colour combination.

Artificer - Cuff Front and Fabric Detail

This long coat is made from dark brown velour that is sumptuous to the touch.

Dandy - Front

This coat has six glittery black buttons that end at the hip.

Dandy - Back

Antique silver coloured rivets make a line across the back of the coat. Rivets also reinforce the pockets and keep the cuff in place.

Dandy - On his Master's Bidding

This coat is lined in black and flows when out for a midnight stroll or on some nefarious errand that shan't ever be mentioned again.

Dandy - Cuff Front and Fabric Detail

The top of the cuffs are edged in black cotton lace and the fabric has a subtle black-on-black pattern detail.

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