Because One Size Does Not Fit All

I started down this path based on the adage that One Size Fits All. Although it has now been amended to One Size Fits Most, it is still a misnomer. One Size Might Fit Most of the People Who Shop at This Particular Establishment is probably the most accurate, but needlessly wordy. And why should One Size Fit All? We are not one size. We are different sizes, even different sizes within the same retail store because manufacturers do not use standardized sizing. Should you happen to fall in a range that is outside that manufactured "comfort zone", your choices become severely limited from most of the mall to maybe one or two specialty stores, if you're lucky. I decided to make custom clothing and kink gear and costuming for one reason: Because One Size Does Not Fit All.

I believe that any custom made garment should be made with care and diligence. The end product is a garment that fits you in the way you want it to and because all fabrics are pretreated, the garment is guaranteed not to shrink. You are involved in the initial stages of creation, including choice of fabric, colour and other design elements. Pricing, however, will reflect both fabric choice and complexity of the finished garment. A non-refundable deposit of roughly half is required to cover the cost of materials with the balance due when the finished garment is shipped. Contact me for deposit payment options. If you have fabric of your own that you want to use or require a payment plan, contact me and we can make other arrangements.

Shipping: Items are shipped through Canada Post at standard package rates. If you need something expedited, email me and other arrangements can be made at your expense.

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